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She wrote short stories and bought a ruin outside Paris to convert into an auberge, a project that almost broke her. ‘I don’t like drinking but I had a short stint and really went for it. You’re either going to die or you’re going to be found and continue. You toss it up in the air to see if you’re going to wake up.It was to pass out as quickly as possible and forget the anxiety I was going through, these worries about money and building.’ In 1995, lonely and distressed, she washed down a handful of pills with wine but woke two days later. I was not like those who are in terrible suffering and who are fully determined.’ Did she fear her children regarded her as disdainfully as she regarded Margaret, who committed suicide (pills and vodka in her case) in 1967? I felt so badly about myself and I felt it was harming them.It took me years to liberate myself.’ Is she happier, today, on her own? I never knew how to defend myself against men.’ She urged Warren to produce Bonnie and Clyde; he promptly offered ‘her’ role to Natalie Wood (though it later went to Faye Dunaway).The relationship tailed off in mutual disillusionment.But there was no way I could keep on being his wife in the kitchen – that’s what he wanted. He woke her at 5am one morning to complain, ‘You’re sleeping – you’re not thinking of me.’‘It was this education of my mother’s.

In 1975 they moved to Paris, but when days later he changed his mind and asked her to return to Los Angeles with him, she dug in her heels. Stranded among the indifference of French filmmakers, a woman of a certain age, she largely spent the 80s playing the clichéd old bat in telly series. The plots were drivel.’ She had a couple of face-lifts, a new but violent lover.It was the start of years of therapy and despairing relapses. And the moment I straightened myself out, my daughter became a success in her life.’ And you think those events are related?‘They definitely are.’ Six years of thrice-weekly sessions with a decent psychoanalyst and ten years of AA meetings later, Leslie still thinks it was writing her autobiography that finally exorcised the murky past.When you become a star very young you have no chance to develop your personality or emotions – it’s all about professional duty.’ Leslie’s perfect bridegroom was a moody, spoilt drug addict. ’, she interrupts with a smile, speaking of her near-nine-year marriage to Sir Peter Hall, then a tall, handsome, brilliant, charming, ambitious, beguiling and persuasive [her description in the book] theatre director. And he was afraid that I was going to overshadow him.They met in 1956 when he directed her in the stage version of Gigi. At the time, I was by far the bigger star of the two of us. But [in 1963] I went to do a film with Cary and there was a dinner where Warren [Beatty] was invited and I was invited – and that’s when our affair started.’ She bolted with the arch philanderer, seeing her children Christopher and Jenny during their school holidays.A ‘magnetic pull’ led them to bed after the first night – ‘The next morning I said an urgent prayer: “Please God make this last for ever”’ – and to Marylebone register office later that year when she was already pregnant.‘We still have this deep basis of love for each other. He absolutely had to fulfil his destiny and painful as it was to part, I think we did the right thing. ‘I suddenly saw how I was fooling myself: “I am not a Shakespearean actress. I’m with the greatest British director who’s never going to include me in his work – what the hell am I doing here?