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I could have saved over ,000 in development costs if I had simply taken the time to ask people their opinion on my plugin ideas, rather than keep them a secret so that I could unveil it later down the road.

Most people think competition is bad—especially if someone else has “beat you to it” and built and marketed your product before you.

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It may not be 100% fully functional, but you’ll get honest feedback on a version people can sort of use, instead of just the idea of that thing. A great example that comes to mind can be heard on Episode #13 of Startup, one of my favorite podcasts.If you find out it’s not, then good—you will have avoided wasting time and money and can move on to something else.If you do validate your idea, then you’ve given yourself a much higher chance of succeeding with that product.Validating a product idea: an all-important step to take to avoid wasting time and money building a product nobody wants.It seems like an obvious thing to do, however many times it’s a step that gets pushed aside. It could be because: I’m fascinated by the idea of product validation—spending time upfront to confirm that what it is we’re about to build is actually something people want and are willing to pay for.Alex Blumberg, the host, creates a half-working version of an app idea that he had, and he shares it with people and listens to the response as they use it.