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This is one of the most commonly asked questions from JDBC fundamentals, and knowing all the steps of JDBC connection is important. A My SQL JDBC Driver has a static initializer which looks like this: Name() loads driver class and executes the static block and the Driver registers itself with the Driver Manager.By Java API definitions: Statement is a object used for executing a static SQL statement and returning the results it produces.Stored procedures can be compiled and executed with different parameters and results and may have any combination of input/output parameters.Stored procedures can be called using Callable Statement class in JDBC API. Connection Pooling is a technique used for sharing the server resources among requested clients.

Getting connection and disconnecting are costly operation, which affects the application performance, so we should avoid creating multiple connection during multiple database interactions.

If you require two or more statements to be grouped into a transaction then you need to disable auto-commit mode using below command Auto Commit(false); Prepared Statement update Stmt = con.prepare Statement( "UPDATE EMPLOYEE SET SALARY = ? "); update Int(1, 5000); update String(2, "Jack"); update Stmt.execute Update(); update Int(1, 6000); update String(2, "Tom"); update Stmt.execute Update(); con.commit(); Auto Commit(true); Warnings are issued by database to notify user of a problem which may not be very severe.

Database warnings do not stop the execution of SQL statements.

Warnings may be retrieved from Connection, Statement, and Result Set objects.

Handling SQLWarning from connection object //Retrieving warning from connection object SQLWarning warning = Warnings(); //Retrieving next warning from warning object itself SQLWarning next Warning = Next Warning(); //Clear all warnings reported for this Connection object.