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Ronaldinho may be especially sensitive to noise as well as bright lights and sunshine.

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One coworker was 100 percent polite while dealing with customers one-on-one, but after he hung up the phone, "he'd stand by the water cooler and curse—loudly! "Anyone who was still on the phone with a client would have to raise his or her voice to keep the caller from hearing Mr.Pottymouth's tirades." Rule #9: If problems arise, handle them privately.Most of the day, my office door was closed, but I always opened it around 4 and people would stop by for candy and a chat. Flight attendant Betty from California, author of Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase, spent a plane ride with two coworkers who went way too far.

Jeanine from Vermont worked with a woman who clocked out at every day while everyone else stayed until 7.Cindy from Indiana worked with "a woman who claimed that, because of her diabetes, she needed to heat up a pungent meat or fish dish every single day." If your meal will stink when it's reheated, save it for home.Also skip smelly foods when you're ordering takeout.Especially when a client might witness or hear your bad behavior.Blythe from North Carolina worked in a call center, which meant most people in the office were on the phone for most of the day."She'd make a big show of hauling a massive pile of work with her," says Jeanine, "only to haul it back untouched the next day.