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The average European sperm count is in the region of 70 million per millilitre.

According to the World Health Organisation, a man needs a sperm count of at least 20 million sperm per millilitre of ejaculate to have a chance of conceiving a child without medical intervention. Studies have shown that men's fertility starts to decline after the age of 35 and female partners, regardless of their own age, have less chance of getting pregnant.

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'Whilst not wanting to scare the children of older fathers, information like this is important to understand and should remind us that nature designed us to have our children at a young age and if at all possible men and women should not delay parenthood if they are in a position not to.'If radiation is focused on or near the pelvic area, abdomen, spine, and/or the whole body, it may reduce sperm count and motility in boys — these conditions may be permanent or may reverse after the treatment if sperm production recovers.

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