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Matlab validating inputs with input parser

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In these examples I’ve provided an in-line anonymous function or function handle.

A handy approve-all function, if you don’t care about validation, is “parse all options inputs = main Vector: [1 2 3 4] ntimes: 2 title: 'mytitle' parse without specifing title param-value pair inputs = main Vector: [1 2 3 4] ntimes: 3 title: 'Default title' parse without optional ntimes inputs = main Vector: [5 6 7 8] ntimes: 1 title: 'mytitle' You can see that the result is a struct with all the inputs broken out into fields.

This class has two great uses: (1) validation of function inputs and (2) collation of all those inputs into an easy-to-use struct.

Input Parser is used in three easy steps: Specify All The Inputs Once you have an input parser object, you need to specify each input that you want to parse.

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Use with a function Of course, the purpose of this is easy input validation and organization within a function.

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Although I had no trouble importing the new decorated functions.

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