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If found guilty, he could be sentenced to six months in jail.

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Munn says David told him: 'It rankled that he never publicly acknowledged that I was his son.

I could never call him "Father" - he was always my stepfather - it was a farce.' But this is the first time David Jnr has ever heard of his father openly admitting to anyone that he was illegitimate.

And why, if Michael Munn was such a good friend, did he never introduce him to us?

I also can't imagine what my father was doing in London in 1982 when this interview is said to have happened, because he spent his summers in the South of France and the winters in Switzerland.

David Niven Junior last saw his father a few months before his death at the movie star's spectacular villa overlooking the sea at Cap Ferrat in the South of France.

The actor passed away in July 1983 following an agonising battle with motor neurone disease.

He claims he was summoned by Niven to see him at his Mayfair flat in London in 1982, just before his death, with the slurred words: 'I need to see you Mike.He'd change the cast of characters to embellish but also obscure the truth.' David Jnr, has clearly inherited his father's famously urbane sense of humour and easy charm.Speaking from his multi-million pound home in LA, he will admit only to being 'annoyed' by Munn's revelations, dismissing many of them with a guffaw.These revelations, serialised recently by a broadsheet newspaper, include how Niven was haunted his whole life by the taint of illegitimacy, that he tried to blow his brains out after his first wife died in a freak accident, aged 28, and that Niven's second wife Hjordis was persuaded to adopt a love-child of Niven's.Even more salacious was the story that Hjordis, who died from a stroke in 1997 aged 78, contracted a sexually transmitted disease after having a fling with priapic U. President Jack Kennedy, while Niven's affairs reportedly included former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly and, sensationally, Princess Margaret.Out of every 20 words he said, only one could be understood, which was very frustrating for him because his mind was unaffected and had been such a marvellous storyteller. He told me: "Maybe this is God's way of saying you have told enough stories over the years and it's someone else's turn to be the life and soul of the party." 'But it was very hard for him.