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”“I just turned 16, near the end of my sophomore year, and me and my then boyfriend were meeting up for a fundraiser dinner.We had a great time, and we got to finally be alone and just be ourselves and get to know one another better.”“I was 15, I was a freshman in high school, it was awesome cause it made me feel like a woman.Me and the girl I was with were walking along Main Street, a popular place filled with shops just a stones throw away from the University of Delaware Campus.We didn't do anything spectacular, we went to Panera and laughed at the drunk college kids stumbling about.He brought a blanket, bug spray, a flashlight, a pizza, and all of my favorite drinks. It was exciting because unlike many first dates, we were completely alone and were able to have intimate conversations and really get to know one another. We had been friends for a while, until he asked me to go on a date with him.We wanted to do something casual, so I thought the mall would be a good idea.

Not everyone shows up to a date and leaves in disgust, even though that’s the connotation that comes with first dates. Everyone hears about first date horror stories, but some of the best first dates go unnoticed. But other times, you constantly relive the best ones that you’ve had in your head. Sometimes you want to curl up in a ball and cringe when you think of first dates. Do I talk about my favorite TV show hoping it doesn’t come across as silly?I can honestly say I have never been so entertained on a date before.”“Sophomore year, when I was 15, this amazing guy took me to the movies to see and with all that space we had, we still sat close enough to hold hands.”“The best first date I went on was during my freshman year of college.