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Dating etiquette in england

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For example, it may say: "A discretionary 10% service charge has been included" or "service is included", or you may just see that 10% has been added at the bottom of the bill (you can refuse to pay this part if you were unhappy with the service).

Take a bottle of wine or some flowers or chocolates to give to the host as soon as you have arrived. " If the bill says "service not included", it is usual to add about 10% to the bill.

Normally people add about 10% to the bill and make the amount a whole number of pounds.

Check the menu and the bill to see if a service charge is already included in the price.

Eat soup quietly, without lifting the bowl off the table.

Eating peas To be very polite, you should eat peas by squashing them against the reverse side of your fork Asking for more If at someone's home, you shouldn't ask for more unless your host offers it by asking, "Would you like some more? " Possible answers include "Yes please", "Just a little bit, please", or to say no, it is best to say something like "That was lovely, but I'm full, thank you" Dinner parties If you cannot eat a certain type of food or have some special needs, tell your host several days before the dinner party. Could you tell me where the ladies / gents is, please?