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Its important to keep in mind all the programs are offered for federal student loans.Private loan borrowers are not able to benefit from any of the below information.

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Keep in mind that while it’s way easier to get rid of Federal loans (because there are so many more programs for them), it’s no longer impossible to qualify for excellent Private Student Loan Forgiveness benefits too, because there are definitely some great options out there now!

What happens is that when you get out, you cant afford the minimum payments and then all of the sudden you are in default! Our focus is to offer our clients the most secure, cost effective, and time efficient means of managing their student loans. Life happens and sometimes leads us down roads unexpectedly. Accordingly, please be sure to check back throughout 2015 for the latest information about what’s available, what’s being proposed, and what’s being changed.

No one takes a loan with the intention of not paying it back. We're here to be your GPS in gaining financial has been wonderful in helping me work with my defaulted student loans. Going to college is hard, but paying for it can be impossible depending on the circumstance.

I called to check them out and was pleasantly surprised at how upfront they were. If you have found yourself in the position of not being able to go back to college because you defaulted on your student loans, there is hope!

I was so impressed that I told my daughter, and now she's working with them as well.[Frequently Asked Questions]What are the benefits of a Direct Consolidation Loan? Can I obtain a Direct Consolidation Loan if I don't have any Direct Loans? People end up wasting many years in limbo all because they don’t know that there are options available for their specific situation.