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The problem with NYC is that some women mainly the career minded educated types desire eligible white men which are highly sought after. Former Lehman Brothers CFO Erin Callan Has A Hot Man Business Insider Former Lehman Brothers CFO Erin Callan Has A Hot Man And Is Living A Simple, Chill Lifestyle In The Hamptons - Business Insider There are also not a few college educated artist wannabe women in Brooklyn and LES working as underemployed baristas and cupcake salespeople who could jump at a chance to marry into a more financially stable lifestyle.

If your a white guy with a decent job and college educated living in hip areas of Brooklyn or Manhattan, a man like that will have no shortage of women on his plate. Then there is a segment of white women in parts of Queens (but more in LI) who went to either college/community college that would make for good potential dates.

Have you ever thought that perhaps if you're not married in late 30's then you should never be married. I've thought about SF, but the ratio of W: M is not in my favor there.

Not to be offensive, but you are too old to bear children and soon, if not already, will be too old to satisfy any man sexually. So perhaps it's best for you to just hang out with your girlfriends and get rid off the idea that some imaginary 6'4 wall street guys want anything to do with you. Basically, in NYC, there are about 200,000 extra single women vs. So, from a pure numbers standpoint, I guess the numbers favor me there (after all, that's there was a show called "Sex and the City" that was based in NYC..probably wouldn't have worked elsewhere)I've thought about SF, but the ratio of W: M is not in my favor there.

Makes Asian Dating in NYC Easy launched in 1995 and is currently responsible for more dates, relationships and marriages than any other site, making it a great option for Asian dating.NYC singles who aren't sure what to write can have Match.com's trained Profile Pro experts craft an outstanding online dating profile that perfectly captures who they are and what they're looking for in a date.Once you've subscribed, search for single Asian women or Asian men who share your interests, lifestyle and beliefs.San Francisco is importing single women from NYC | New York Post NYC also does not have 200,000 extra single women, and if they do, most are single but much older.Majority of women in NYC from ages of 18-35 are taken, or seeing someone.A good looking guy fresh out of jail and no job will get more tail than a guy who is average looking who only makes 70k a year.